MOTO (MODEL OLD TIMERS ORGANIZATION) is the financial underpinning of the WDC, providing through its generous contributions the major funding for WDC’s Special Projects. MOTO was established in 2016 for the purpose of bringing together the older Model High Alumni each year for an annual reunion. 

STARTING WITH THE MHS CLASS OF 1960, the organization each year adds the next succeeding class. This year’s reunion was the Class of 66 and older. Next year it will be the Class of 67 and older. This ensures that there will always be an annual reunion for older alumni… right down to the last member of a class.

THIS YEAR, 2021, we are providing a 67-minute video of the MOTO Reunion… plus individual class pictures of all those classes that were represented at the event.

PLANS ARE ALREDY UNDER WAY for the 2022 Reunion. Once complete, they will be posted on this page.


Watch the 2021 video below. Background sound bites for this video were taken from a CD made by the late Delmas Franklin. For more information on this… CLICK.

To see, and/or download, class pictures, simply click on the applicable Class.