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All posted events and meetings of Watters District Council For Historical Preservation are open to the public. Visitors and interested parties are cordially invited to attend. All one needs to do… is “show up.”

Shannon Recreation Scout Cabin
40 Minshew Road, Shannon, GA 30172


  • WDC’s annual Memorial Day ceremony was held without public assembly this year.  The full ceremony will take place as scheduled and is available “on-line”.  You are cordially invited to join in and pay your honors by clicking M-Day Event.

  • Several new videos have recently been added, and can be found in the “PAST EVENTS & MEETINGS” section.

  • Most recent video added is… ‘Interview with Shannon’s Lt. Gen., Chaplin Billy Brown’.

  • The “Brighton Family” historical marker is now up and in place at Memorial Circle.

  • Thanks to all who have responded to WDC’s Special Projects solicitation. Packets were sent out to community affiliates, including Model School Alumni through the Class of 1958. Classes 59 thru 65 will soon be getting theirs. Click: Packet for an on-line copy.

"Without the Heritage of the Past, There's Little Foundation for the Future" —JD


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