"Without the Heritage of the Past, There's Little Foundation for the Future" —JD


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2019 programs

All scheduled meetings of the Watters District Council For Historical Preservation are open meetings. Visitors and interested parties are encouraged to attend. All one needs to do… is “show up.”

Thurs., January 24, 11:30 am, Lee Walburn, “Journaling Through Life"

Thurs., April 11, 11:30 am, Mac Eubanks, “Growing Up in a Mid-Century Small Community”

Mon., May 27, 12:00 pm, The Reenactment of America's First WWII Monument Dedication

An information/historical marker (the BRIGHTON FAMILY MARKER)  is being installed to be dedicated to not only help honor  “Shannon's fallen soldiers," but to also explain how and why Shannon has the Nation’s first WWII memorial. WDC is currently accepting contributions to help defray the cost of this project. Donations can be made to WDC, and mailed to  P. O. Box 107, Shannon, GA 30172.

(See picture of Brighton Marker and information.)

Thurs., September 12, 11:30 am, Bob Harris, "Myra H" Riverboat Restoration

Videos of some of our past meetings are now online!

Shannon Recreation Scout Cabin
40 Minshew Road, Shannon, GA 30172