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Panel #11

The Amazing Culbersons

THIS 63-SQ.-FT PANEL went up on the wall on January 4th, 2021. It features one of the Area’s greatest athletic and sports families… hence the title: “The Amazing Culbersons”. Open the full panel by clicking (HERE).

NO ONE IS MORE QUALIFIED or more willing to introduce this great family than the famed sports journalist, Lee Walburn. Lee’s prologue is prominently displayed at the beginning of the Culberson panel on the left-hand side.


LEE WALBURN WAS THE GUEST SPEAKER at WDC’s January 2019 quarterly meeting. The introduction and full transcript of his speech can be viewed by clicking (HERE).

Patti Culberson Yoder

Patti Culberson Yoder is shown here standing next to a picture of her (middle) and her two sisters that was made of them back when their bowling team had just chalked up the State Championship. 


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