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Photograph Revives Ancient School Bus

Brighton's Warp and Welt Magazine - May 1943

A seven-year-old school bus (1936) is a sort of heroine at Model School.

This proud old girl has traveled the old red hills of Georgia for lo, these many years. She struggled up the hill many times with as many as 135 children packed onto her creaking chassis.


Lately, though, the old bus was on the skids, but literally. The school authorities were seriously considering her retirement. The school principal, desiring a souvenir, let her chug out of the garage for the benefit of his camera. The old bus eyed the camera and you could hear her motor idle down to a smooth purr; you could almost see her preening herself.


Until that moment she had been giving all sorts of trouble, as temperamental as a school day is long. Since then, why, she won’t let a mechanic come near her. In fact, no man can approach her in absolute safety, that is, no man but her driver, “Pink” Puryear. Says Puryear: “Since that picture was made, I don’t know what’s come over the old gal.”

1936 Model School Bus
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