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Brighton's Medical Clinic

Brighton's Warp and Welt Magazine - November, 1944

It is with pride and pleasure that Warp and Weft publishes these first pictures of the recently completed Brighton Clinic.  New and modern in the most minute detail, this project attests to the high standard of perfection which comes with Brighton’s every undertaking.  A marked advance on the road of progress of this community, the clinic will prove to be of inestimable value to the people of Shannon in time to come.

The clinic is located in the building which was formerly used as the main office.  In April of this year the office force moved near by into a new building and work began to convert their former quarters into an attractive and efficient clinic.  This work was completed during the summer and now Dr. H. E. Dawson and his assistants have moved from their building on Second Street to their new home near the mill entrance.


This clinic is probably the best equipped building of its kind in this section of the state.  Nothing has been spared in making it so.  The people of Brighton are indeed fortunate in having such adequate medical services near at hand.


In this building there is an attractive reception room, where visitors will be greeted by Mrs. W. C. Casey, clinic receptionist.  Members of the Brighton Family will be made comfortable here while they wait to see the doctor.  Another room in the building is the examining room.  Here Dr. Dawson will determine the source and nature of various diseases and ailments.  There is also a fully equipped laboratory where tests and analyses can be run with a minimum of time and effort.  All of these rooms, together with views of several others, are pictured on this page.


The entire Brighton Family should take a great deal of pride in this new building and in the staff which will occupy and manage it.  Dr. Dawson, who came to Shannon in 1941, will carry on the splendid work which he has been doing for the past three years.   Miss Vanita Tate, R. N., will continue her numerous clinic duties and will also spend much time in visiting various homes of the community.  Tirelessly and cheerfully, these members of the Brighton medical staff are ready at all times to render any necessary service to the men and women of Shannon.


[Editor’s Note]  This article was written before a devastating fire destroyed the new office building, making it necessary for the clinic to move to other quarters so that the office force could carry on its work in the clinic building.  Work is already well on the way toward restoration of the office building, and the indications are that before many weeks have passed the Brighton Clinic will again be in operation in its new home.

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