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Modern Medical Clinic Established in Shannon

Brighton's Warp and Welt Magazine - August 25, 1941

Fills A Long Felt Want In the Community . . .Dr. Harry E. Dawson In Charge

Not since Shannon became a community some fifteen years ago has any single improvement met with more universal approval than has the establishment of the new medical clinic.  Located at 100 Second Street, it is easily accessible to all residents of the Village and it is now possible for many of those who need medical attention to go to the clinic instead of having to call the doctor to the house.


The clinic is under the personal charge of Dr. Harry E. Dawson, who came to Shannon early in July, 1941, from the Aiken County Hospital at Aiken, South Carolina.  Temporarily, Dr. Dawson is being very ably assisted by Mrs. Dawson, who is a Registered Nurse.  Dr. Dawson has already established an enviable reputation in our community thru the very skillful work he has done, and it becomes increasingly evident that we are extremely fortunate in being able to afford the services of a doctor with the skill and experience of Dr. Dawson.


The building which houses the clinic has been completely renovated, both inside and outside.  The reception room has been newly and attractively furnished for the comfort of patients who must wait their turn.  Immediately adjoining the reception room is the examining room, off of which is a completely equipped laboratory.  Two bedrooms are available for the use of patients who may require emergency treatment.


Space is also available for a Dental Clinic, for which plans are already being made.


From time to time it is planned to add additional equipment of the latest and most modern type.  This will be done as the need for it develops.


It is also planned to add a Registered Nurse to the medical staff in the very near future.  The duties of the nurse will be confined largely to visiting the sick in the community and offering assistance in any case where her services are needed.  This will be of great benefit in numerous instances and it will be a service which will be welcomed by all in our community.


During the fifteen years that have elapsed since the Village of Shannon was established, an excellent health record has been maintained.  There have been no epidemics of a serious nature.  Those that have occurred have been those peculiar to children which have been mild and easily brought under control.


The Officials of Southern Brighton have always striven to make available for its employees all things necessary for the health of the community as a whole and for each individual.  They realize that health is a priceless possession and that once lost is sometimes never regained.  That realization is the basis for the utmost care that is taken to prevent illness among our people.


Chief among the precautions taken, in addition to the maintenance of adequate medical care, is the provision of a pure water supply.  Also a modern system of sewage and garbage disposal which functions most efficiently.

No small part of our health rating can be attributed to the cleanliness found throughout the Village, from the individual houses to the mill proper.  Due credit should be given the residents of Shannon for their vigilance in keeping their premises attractive, lean, and free from contaminating refuse.


Thus, you see, the clinic is only an additional step in the ceaseless care take to maintain the enviable health record of our community.

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