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Panel #13

200 Years of Educating the Youth of Watters District

WITHOUT A DOUBT, the history of schools and education in the Watters District is most interesting and unique. Before there was a Rome Georgia or even a Floyd County, there was a fully integrated school at Running Waters Plantation on the Ridge Toll Road in Cherokee, Georgia. Today, this school’s location would be shown as Crestview Farm, on the Calhoun Road in Floyd County Georgia… same place, on the same road… just new names. One mile down this “same road” is the progeny of the old Running Waters School… that being the modern Model School complex.

TO OPEN A DETAILED PICTORAIL DISPLAY on the history and development of this area’s school system… (CLICK HERE).

Patti Culberson Yoder is shown here standing next to a picture of her (middle) and her two sisters that was made of them back when their bowling team had just chalked up the State Championship. See the full panel (CLICK).


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