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Panel #10


The Pioneering Families of Watters District… 
Ridge, Rush and Watters

At 123 square feet, this panel is the largest display in the Shannon Center. It was installed in September of 2021. The panel features three of the major pioneering families who settled the area during the transition period centering around the Cherokee removal of the early 1800’s.

All the pictures have been produced from original photographs and documents. There is a considerable amount of printed information accompanying these pictures of which has been well researched and documented for factual accuracy.
   The panel reads from left to right, starting with the Ridge Family, and continuing forward to today’s six and seventh generations of the Rush and Watters families.


When additional and/or relevant information is available it will be denoted by blue colored hyperlinks that will be found at, or near, the relevant subject or item on the panel.

Click the image below to open a very large PDF file.

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